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Ten Good Things Online

I'm happy, it's a sunny day, so I've decided to share some stuff with everyone. Here's a list of ten things I've found online which I like. It's in no particular order, just as they occurred to me.

1. Girl Genius - A webcomic by Phil and Kaja Foglio, a wonderful mix of steampunk, science fiction, romance, and mad science.

2. Coyo's wonderful Tentacleverse - What would happen if Cthulhu and his chums managed to sneak into the universe of Final Fantasy VII? Well, here's one take on it, started by Coyo, and continued by a couple of other people, along with some fanart. Have a look and enjoy the giggles.

3. Bishie Hotline - I discovered this yesterday, and it had me in stitches. I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a sense of humour about their favourite bishounen.

4. More of Coyo's fic - this time it's the Mascotverse. Final Fantasy VII pre-game, as seen through Woobie-vision. Lovely stuff, a beautiful mixture of fluff, angst, and horrible foreshadowing.

5. ChibiRisu-Chan's lovely Thirty for Three fics - more FFVII pre-game fic, with a somewhat different angle on the relationships between the characters.

6. Sinfest - another webcomic which I quite enjoy - it's one of the few I'll try to keep up to date with. Not exactly "collapse in a fit of giggles" stuff, more "hmmm...", but still interesting.

7. One of Anything is Never Enough" by WriterZilch - Another bit of FFVII fic, not particularly worksafe, but definitely worth reading for the well-handled characters.

8. "Whitewashed" by SniperValentine - FFVII, Cloud/Reno. I like this writer's take on the pairing, and they write good hot sex as well.

9. "Intercourse" by SniperValentine - more Cloud/Reno, more hot writing.

10. WickedOrin and SchalaKitty's wonderful Kinkverse fics. The link goes to part one of the first one. The rest are posted on the same community. Kinky, sensual, sexual and well characterised.

So, that's my ten. Anyone got anything they'd like to suggest to me?

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