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A short fic break

I've decided to take a short break from posting up the "Murphy's Laws of Combat" fics. Just a week - I'll start again next Monday. I figure it's probably best to give everyone a rest from them (and it allows me to get a bit further ahead in writing them). There's 140 laws to deal with, so far I've written up 14... so I'm 10% of the way through.

In the meantime, here's some preliminary notes for an idea I've been working on. The context is a longer piece in the Nesaverse (Final Fantasy VII), slightly skewed because in this version, Nesa quit working for Shinra about a year or two back and went back to her family's property in the area near Costa del Sol. It happens shortly after the Nibelheim incident, only things have changed a little. In this version, Zack waited for Cloud to arrive, and the two of them took down Sephiroth in the Nibelheim town area rather than attempting to kill him at the reactor - I figure Sephiroth and Zack found Jenova before Sephiroth buried himself in the basement to find out about his past. They found Vincent Valentine and woke him, and the four of them escaped from Nibelheim, avoiding patrols, Turks, and Hojo. Zack's been writing to Nesa over the past year or so, and he knows where she's living. She's taken them in, and is helping the lot of them work through all the various things which have happened (yes, she's giving Sephiroth some of the psychological treatment he's been needing for years to help deal with being human). Okay, things in Nibelheim changed a lot.

Anyway, this happens about a month or three down the track.

Effectively, what's happened is Sephiroth has figured out that he counts Nesa as a friend. However, with most of his other friendships, there's been sex involved, and he tends to see sex as a fairly straightforward extension of the friendship process. In the case of Nesa, however, this is complicated by a number of things. Firstly, they're both Kinsey 2 on the scale - mostly same-sex preference, occasional opposite sex. [I've decided that yes, the friendship between the two of them could put the other into each one's "occasional" group - mainly for the sake of convenience more than anything else.] Next up are things like the differences between male and female sexual response, and thirdly there's the social context of sex, which Nesa is aware of, but Sephiroth largely isn't.

I figure a lot of the big issues would be consent-related. This means things like:
* Does Sephiroth know it's possible to for him to say "no" in a sexual context?
* Does Sephiroth know it's possible for other people to say "no" in a sexual context?
* Does Sephiroth know that a sexual turndown from Nesa isn't going to mean total and utter rejection for ever and ever amen?
* There's notions of consent, strength and aggressiveness, combined with masculine and feminine stereotypes, summarised as "No means no" vs "No means Maybe".
* There's the various myths of sexualities contrasted with the realities: things like not all women wanting to be overwhelmed; not all women enjoy penetration; the difference between sex as instinctual response and sex as a learned behaviour.

I figure Sephiroth's context for the same would be as follows:
* Sex is a fairly natural extension of friendship.
* Sex is something which is primarily masculine in expression - aggressive, active and penetrative.
* "No" can mean "Maybe", "Convince Me" or "Overwhelm/Overpower Me".
* Strength is something which is an essential part of sexual expression.
* Saying "no" isn't something he's thought of as possible for him. Meaning "no" is nigh on unthinkable.
* Any rejection in a sexual context is personal and permanent.
* Lesbian sexuality is something he's only ever encountered in the vaguest theoretical terms.

Meanwhile, Nesa has a far more nuanced view of what sex is and can be. For a start, she's much more aware of the socio-political role of sex in the society, and she has a lot of trouble dissociating this from Sephiroth's far simpler view of it as a form of friendly exercise. She's more aware of the gender issues of masculinity and femininity, as opposed to male and female. Her feelings toward Sephiroth are very much akin to those she has toward her younger brothers (and Sephiroth tends to look on her as a big sister, but he doesn't know this is what he's doing). She has to balance his psychological need for reassurance; his psychological frailty; his social ignorance in a number of the more nuanced areas; her sexuality; his sexuality; their social roles; their relationship as therapist and patient as well as friends; the expectations of the society they live in; all of these and a slew of other factors, and she also has to explain to the poor man without upsetting him just why she's more than a little startled by him climbing into her bed one night.

I know there's a story in there, but I'm not getting the start of it, just the background details. It's frustrating when that happens.

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I just started scribbling this. I now have Nesa having a nervous breakdown somewhere in my head. This is not fun.

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Context: Part of my post-Nibelheim Nesaverse AU (see this post for the wider context of the AU).

Story under the fold )

Sometimes, I really want to slap some of these characters...

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