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Fic Series: Murphy's Laws of Combat

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Murphy's Laws of Combat: 7 - It's not the one with your name on it; it's the one addressed "to whom it may concern" you've got to think about.
Rating: PG (violence, swearing)
Summary: "Zack was moving too fast when the bullet hit him."

Zack was moving too fast when the bullet hit him. He gasped. Gasped, and let his guard drop just a little. Just a little, just enough. Another bullet. Then a third.

"Dodge the fucking bullet next time, Fair." He could just about hear the grumpy voice of the sergeant who'd extracted the first slug from him, back when he was still a three-cee. He'd taken the words to heart, and learned to duck and parry with the best of them. From the best of them - Sephiroth had got through the Wutai war without so much as a bullet crease - all the scars the General had sported came from monsters or hand-to-hand weapons.

He'd thought the extra speed boost from the mako tanks would come in useful. Instead, it had made him clumsy. He'd moved too far, too fast.

He'd dodged the one with his name on, he thought, as he tried to move on, tried to get away from the men who were going to kill him. Pity the others were all addressed to "Recipient".

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